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Our kiosk is open 363 days a year !

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Say good bye to those long winters because you can now have a Wham Bam Tikka all year round, yea we are open 362 days a year. Open on 31st January 2015 our WestQuay kiosk is our first static location and it serves as our flagship home/mothership.

We have had to make some changes, but they all proved for the better. We cook all our food in our on site oven which firstly cooks the food to perfection and helps us with our quest to be as sustainable as possible. We use the same energy and heat to cook all our food. We created a new salad bar and introduced real yes real Indian street food snacks to our menu including the much loved Pani Puri or as some people call them Golgappa (depending on where in India you are) and our very own Chana Chaat.

"Real Indian street food "

The kiosk has elements made from recovered wood (treated of course) and has an all singing and dancing fresh coffee machine for those zombies of to work in the morning. So if you ever in Southampton and find yourself in WestQuay treat yourself to some Epic Indian Street Food, everything's made fresh !

Real food, Our food

Food that's whats it's all about... well for us its more then just food, its history, heritage and pride. That's what goes into our food here at Wham Bam Tikka. So withers it's at a major music festival, our kiosk our a private event we also ways will strive to produce and serve real food, fresh food, good food just like mum taught us.

"Real Food, Fresh Food, Good food"

It’s the balance of spices, herbes and fresh ingredients all cooked in the traditional Punjabi style which gives our customers the true Taste of India.

Famous for our classic dishes such as mouthwatering Chicken Tikka served in a thin wrap with fresh salad and selection of homemade sources, you'll onlu have to try our food once to understand why we have been so successful. We also like to introduce new dishes to keep our menu fresh and contemporary. 

2015 saw the introduction of our new Real Indian Street Food menu in Southampton. Its exactly what it says on the tin, real Indian Street Food, dishes/snacks you will find in the streets of Dehli, Mumbai in fact all over India. We also provide options for our lactose and gluten intolerant customers.


Our latest Indian Street Food menu for outdoor events & music festivals.


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