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Keeping in touch with our Punjabi routes we have have tweaked the British favourite curries such as the Tikka Masala, Balti and Korma with the famous authentic Punjabi flavour.


It’s the balance of spices, herbes and fresh ingredients all cooked in the traditional Punjabi style which gives our customers the true Taste of India. Famous for our classic dishes such as Chargrilled Chicken Tikka served in a 12 inch wrap with fresh salad and selection of homemade sources, we also like to introduce new dishes to keep our menu fresh and contemporary. 

some photos of our food 

We know everything that has gone into our food and can help with any allergen, dietary or religious requirements.   

lactose free  options 

Vegetarian  or vegan options

Help with allergen information 

Halal and non-halal menus

Gluten Free requirements

we can help with 

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Pani Puri

Maharaja Wrap

Mini Wraps


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Mini Vada Pav

Chana Chaart

Punjabi Samosas


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Dhal Makani

Veg Tandoori

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Balti curry

Indian Fish & Chips 

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Balti curry

Cocktail kebab

Tikka Warps

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Pani Puri

Curry & Naan

Chicken Balti

Aloo Tikki